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Press Release

Ambrx and MabSpace Biosciences to Collaborate on Novel Antibody Drug Conjugates

2017 - 01 - 05

SUZHOU, China--(BUSINESS WIRE)--San Diego based Ambrx Inc. and Suzhou based MabSpace Biosciences have agreed to collaborate on discovery and development of multiple novel ADCs in China and around the world for oncology. Ambrx and MabSpace Biosciences will collaborate on discovery and development of multiple novel ADCs for oncology.

According to the agreement, MabSpace will employ its proprietary immune tolerance breaking technology to generate and identify humanized antibodies suitable for ADC development, and Ambrx will employ its EuCode based site-specific conjugation technology to develop lead ADC molecules. The parties will jointly develop and share the cost and rights of the resulting ADC products.

“We are pleased to collaborate with MabSpace to discover and develop novel ADCs,” Dr. Alex Qiao, CEO of Ambrx, Inc. said. “This collaboration can potentially enhance our site specific protein conjugation technology platform capabilities.”

“MabSpace is honored to work with a prestigious company like Ambrx who has extensive capabilities in ADC discovery and development,” said Dr. Xueming Qian, Chairman and CEO of MabSpace Biosciences. “MabSpace’s unique immune tolerance breaking-based antibody discovery platform and its ability to obtain antibodies with diverse epitopes is well suited for the development of ADC and therapeutic applications. The collaboration with Ambrx is our third deal with established biopharma companies for antibody based therapeutics development with our immune tolerance breaking technology.”


Ambrx Inc. is a biopharmaceutical company with a mission to deliver breakthrough protein therapeutics using an expanded genetic code. Unlike conventional conjugation techniques that create a mixture of suboptimal molecules, Ambrx technology combines site specific conjugation with proprietary linkers, payloads and pharmacokinetic extenders to create a single molecular species that is optimized for safety, efficacy and biophysical properties. We call this process Protein Medicinal Chemistry™.

Protein Medicinal Chemistry™ can optimize any protein or antibody to create potentially best-in-class therapeutics such as long-acting proteins, bi-specifics and antibody drug conjugates. The Ambrx advantage allows us to safely and effectively target cytotoxic agents or recruit effector function to tumor cells (oncology) or modulate biological pathways implicated in disease areas such as autoimmune, metabolic and cardiovascular.

At Ambrx, we are dedicated to assembling and developing an exceptional team and a novel technology to create the next generation of protein-based medicines. For additional information, visit