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HJB Establishes Clinical Development Team in Boston to Accelerate Global R&D and Filing.

02 Mar, 2018

Hangzhou, China | March 3, 2018 - HJB, an organization dedicated to expanding global access to important protein therapeutics, recently announced the establishment of its Center of Clinical Development (“the Center”) based in Boston. Following the opening of the R&D Center and Manufacturing Facility in Hangzhou in January, it is a significant step for HJB to further biologics development, accelerate regulatory filing and increase global cooperation.

HJB’s co-founder and president Dr. Jonathan Zhao commented on the reason for establishing the Center and its positioning: “HJB’s goal has always been to grow globally. The Center of Clinical Development in Boston is a key platform for HJB to access US talent and innovation, while providing strong support for HJB’s development needs.”

HJB plans to bring multiple innovative biologics into clinical trials in 2018 and 2019, with potential indications in orphan diseases, cancer and immunology. Boston is at the forefront of the biopharmaceutical industry, being home to many of the top companies and research institutions. The choice of Boston as the home for HJB’s Center is, therefore, a major step in HJB’s global plans.

On January 22 this year, HJB’s R&D Center and Manufacturing Facility officially opened in Hangzhou. The Center in Boston will facilitate co-operation between HJB’s China and US teams. This cross-border exchange not only enables synergies in R&D resources, but will also help in accelerating the global development and filling of HJB’s various assets.