TRANSCENTA HOLDING - A Global Fully Integrated Biotherapeutics Company

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TRANSCENTA HOLDING - A Global Fully Integrated Biotherapeutics Company


(Sr.) Lead Scientist, Formulation Science and Drug Product Development

Department :  PD
Working place :  Hangzhou
Recruitment :  1
Nature of work :  Full-time
Working years of :  3 ~ 10 Years
Minimum academic :  Bachelor's degree
Release time :  08 Nov, 2021
  • 1. Responsible for the formulation screening, stability study and clinical compatibility study. Perform experiments in strict accordance with the operating procedures, conduct physical- chemical test, analysis and represent data, write the technical report so on.

  • 2. Lead the formulation development work of specific project to meet the IND/BLA filing timeline. Capable to solve the problems on the basis of science and optimize the formulation and process to better deliver target.

  • 3. Have an extensive and in-depth understanding of relevant bio-pharmaceutical knowledge, such as protein degradation, stress factor and particle control. Master in the key technique such as DSC, DLS and viscosity analysis.

  • 4.Understand the basic requirements of pharmacopeia and official guideline about drug development research and filing.

  • 1.Identify the corporate culture of the company and be enterprising and responsible for the job

  • 2.Undergraduate 5 ~10 years or master's degree3 ~ 7 years of work experience;

  • 3.Have a background in pharmaceutics, pharmacy, chemistry, bioengineering or biotechnology and other related professional education, and have experience in antibody and formulation development is preferred;

  • 4.Be rigorous, diligent, studious, hard-working, team spirit, have a certain ability to work under pressure;

  • 5.Have a certain ability of English Reading.